2 Marketing Strategies That Will Allow You to Reach More and Make More in Singapore

Here we will discuss how you can reach more people, more consumer in a matter of fact and how you can offer them your service or a product. Obviously, this is a part associated with the marketing strategies. Although, this is a well-known fact, how to get the strategy successful is very complicated, especially in Singapore.

This country comes with mixed trends, old and new, so conventional marketing strategies work in a different way. Each digital agency Singapore is well versed in this kind of marketing, and each one can provide promising results. How is this possible?

There are 2 marketing strategies in Singapore that must be taken into account. We will mention both of them below.

Google ranking: Higher is always better

Google ranking simply means that a marketing agency in Singapore will manage to maximize the rank of a website and that Google will display it higher in the search results. Without this strategy, even the best business will fail! Google almost control the internet, so focusing the first part of a proper marketing strategy towards this aspect is crucial. Once again, what is essential here?

1) Backlinks

Backlinks are hyperlinks on other websites that point to your website. Google ‘’appreciate’’ them very much, so it is a mandatory element of each marketing campaign. Still, acquiring backlinks from different domains is essential no less! One digital marketing agency in Singapore advertises backlink strategy as ‘’more backlinks, more success with Google’’ so you can imagine how important this is.

2) Short page title and short URL

Creating a long and interesting title won’t do a trick. Google prefers short titles (up to 8 words max). Yes, it still must contain the keyword, but the length is pre-determined. The same goes for URLs. 60 characters or less is needed. Tip: There are several ways how to make URL shorter. There are tools and websites for that.

3) Keywords and anchor text

Anchor text must be based on keywords. It is at least 20% more effective than ordinary anchor text and it is another, essential element of the proper marketing strategy. Of course, the keyword itself is the main aspect here.

4) Move to HTTPS

At Google’s analysis tool, you will be able to specify which variations of the websites are available to the users. Always check the HTTPS due to the fact more than 33% of websites ranked as number 1, 2 and 3 use HTTPS.

All of these sub-strategies are needed before we move to the next step. Now, the situation is going to get even better and even more interesting.

Tools for social network marketing that work very well in Singapore

Regardless what you want to sell, achieve or make better-known, social marketing is a must. Each digital marketing agency in Singapore uses the mentioned tools below for maximizing the effect social marketing has on your business. Why is this important? In Singapore, more than 90% of people use some kind of social networking. The most popular ones are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Yes, there are tools that make this easier.

1) Guestpost

Guestpost is a website which developed several tools, all focused on digital, social marketing. It costs $19 per month, but a digital agency in Singapore can provide you a discount. The tools include a website scrapping, allowing you to get a full list of the websites and blogs where guest posting is available. The search is based on a keyword, so you can imagine the potential and real success.

2) Followerwonk

Maybe you haven’t heard of this tool, but in Singapore, in 2016 it was used by 96% of marketers! The reason why it is so needed is simple. It involves Twitter and it allows you to track and analyze the most suitable followers. We will call them influencers, which can boost the sale and make your brand better-known.

3) Wistia

Here we have another powerful tool. Basically, it is an improvement or addition to the YouTube analysis feature. It will allow you to get all the needed data regarding the statistics of a video related to your business. Then you can make it better and reach out to more users.

4) Brand24
Not only will this tool monitor the statistics and achievements of your brand, it will also reveal to you what, associated with your brand is needed at that moment to the highest number of consumers. Still, the best feature is sale opportunity, which gives you a direct answer to whom, where and how you can sell your offering.

5) Social Liners

Just because it is the last on the list, it doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Social Linkers is a direct tool with a specific purpose. It will offer you the ability to serve your offerings to the target audience with the highest probability to purchase the product. We can say that it is the best of them all.

Using all of these tools to manage your campaigns and promotions is the best thing to do. Together, they will boost the effect and the results of your digital marketing and allow you to experience unknown. Don’t forget that digital marketing in Singapore is still different than in other parts of the world. Different needs require different approaches, and all of the tools and Google ranking points from the beginning work very well in this city-state.

The final thought

The best digital agency in Singapore will incorporate all of the mechanisms used here to make your product or a service known and offered to the desired audience. Each product has a special group of consumers that will benefit the most from it. The key element of each, proper marketing strategy is to find those consumers and to give them something they have been looking for.

Both of these strategies have been developed in Singapore, especially for this market, so they are the best and we can even say the only method that combines productivity, success, and expansion at the same time.