The Writer

Hello friends! I am Brian Scott and I am one of those individuals, who have closely witnessed the evolution of the internet. I am a marketer, who also likes to write about his experiences and his struggles. I had started digital marketing since the dawn of e-commerce sector and that’s how I have been linked to this field for a very long time. I have created this blog to share everything I have experienced during the initial days of digital marketing.

My journey as a marketer:

Today, we have come so far and we have done a lot for the local clients and exotic clients. We have generated more leads and increased their sales. Google was finding the ways of earning profit from its web services, when I had joined a local marketing firm. Only a few companies had their official web pages during that time because the internet was not a market during that age. Suddenly everything got changed because the search engines had found the ways of earning the profit online. The online advertisements had offered the way of earning profit and it was Google, which had utilized the online ads in the best ways.

Today, every website contains some sort of relevant or irrelevant ads. These ads generate profit for those sites. The profit depends on the number of visitors and that’s where experienced digital marketers were required. I was doing quite well as an orthodox marketer and then I came to know about online marketing. Today it is called digital marketing because it is performed on digital platforms. It was a new thing for me and marketers like me had no idea about what to do and how to promote products online. Fortunately, techniques like Search Engine Optimization, Social Bookmarking, Blog Promotions, and Social Media Marketing helped us in achieving our targets. Today, I am learning and applying many other new digital marketing techniques. Now I can say that I can generate the leads for my clients without taking a long time, and that’s what I have learned to do during my whole career.

Why my blog is beneficial for you?

You may think why I have started blogging whilst I am an expert digital marketer. Well, the answer is quite simple and that is “I love blogging”. I love to write everything I have learned during the struggling days. As I have mentioned, things were never easy for the marketers like me, but we did it. We have researched a lot and found the ways of promoting products online. World’s renowned search engines have always changed the ways of ranking websites. Sometimes those ways were beneficial for us and sometimes quite difficult, but still we have survived.

Now I write blogs to provide new marketers with the ways of achieving tough targets within a very short span. Of course, you will face difficulties and at some point of time, you may think to quit, but that’s not the way digital marketers work. We always find the solution for problems and I especially like to share those solutions through my blogs.